About us

n.d.c. made by hand was created in 2001 by two friends passionate about shoes.

They wanted to create their own story, making the kind of shoes, they wanted to wear.

The brand name n.d.c. nom de code / code name – reflects their philosophy that the strength of the brand is the product itself.

The key factors in every collection are:

  • simplicity
  • quality
  • originality
  • constructional know-how

n.d.c. started off an adventure with just enough money to exhibit in the first tradeshow.

But when a Japanese buyer ordered a thousand pairs of brogues, beaten up, previously washed in home washing machine to take off its perfect look, they knew that they were onto something special.

The result was like nothing that had been seen on the market before.

Artisans in family ateliers craft n.d.c. shoes with leathers selected from the finest tanneries in Tuscany, England & America.

Made with respect to tradition and evolution, n.d.c. shoes are authentic, individual, timeless and sincere. Good shoes are made by good people who are passionate about what they do.

n.d.c. is now available in over 350 of the world’s finest boutiques, including their own stores in Brussels and Paris. n.d.c.’s savoir faire, attention to detail and unique styling have helped them to become an essential in every wardrobe.

NDC Accessories

2002: The iconic ‘Alithia Boot’ was created. It re-defined the boat shoe in a way that had never been done before.
First pair of n.d.c. brogues were washed in washing machine. The result was unique and sparked a worldwide trend for washed & vintage-effect shoes.

2004: The ladies collection is developed further, with the heels & ballerinas getting the vintage treatment and creating a buzz.

2005: n.d.c. develops its repertoire of classic styles, earning respect for their unique take on the traditional genre.

2006: n.d.c. branches out into bags & small leather goods.

NDC Accessories

2008: The A/W campaign is taken to Nepal where the shoes is photographed worn by local people. This theme of travelling to different cultures remains a link between the different campaigns.

2009: n.d.c. adds espadrilles, flat sandals and plimsolls to their collection and a huge demand is created.
The ‘double-stitched’ Blake construction winter boots are introduced and take the world by storm.

2011: n.d.c.’s atelier begins crafting their ownbelts & maroquinerie.
The campaign is photographed in n.d.c.’s factory for time, showing the people behind the handcrafting process.
The A/W collection is exhibited to buyers and is very well received.