Suede Cleaner N.A.

The quality of n.d.c leathers require regular care , especially our suede leather. 

Suede is different from smooth leather because it is rubbed by an abrasive wheel to raise a velvet-like nap on its surface. This process breaks down the protective outer layer of skin and exposes the soft leather underneath.

Otter wax Suede Cleaner is different from other cleaners because it is formulated to lift dirt and stains from delicate suede while also conditioning. Alcohol-based cleaners will dehydrate the pores of the leather. While alcohol and chemicals might be good for removing stains, they leave the suede more susceptible to future staining. The combination of Aloe Vera, Vitamin-C, and With Hazel makes cleaning really easy, with the added bonus that you're also leaving the leather hydrated and conditioned.


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Suede Cleaner | N.A.