Shoe Care

For your comfort, all n.d.c. made by hand shoes are made of the finest materials. Except for the sneakers, all shoes also have a leather in- and outsole. In order to prolong the longevity of your pair of n.d.c.’s, it is important that the leather sole has the time to fully dry after each day of wearing them. It takes the sole around 24 hours to be completely moist free. Therefore a known rule of thumb in the shoe sector is to wear leather shoes only every other day. 

Your n.d.c. shoes are made of fine leather from the best European tanneries. Leather is made of natural fibers which need nourishing. Leather is best washed with saddle soap, and then conditioned regularly with shoe polish.

At n.d.c. we know that you value traditional shoe construction — Blake Rapid, Goodyear Flex, Sacchetto, Espadrille. Even if we use the softest leathers for our uppers, and hand wash several shoes and soles before bringing them to the market, some of our shoes will require you to respect  a ‘walking-in period’.

Enjoy exploring the world in your n.d.c.’s, and don’t hesitate to contact our team for any additional care advise.